Vivien Omahkatayo


Silver is one of the colors that we as a cattery are very fond of. That is why it is not surprising that we immediately fell in love with Viviën when we saw a photo of her on Facebook. It was not planned at all to get another cat, but we couldn't forget her sweet and beautiful face. Her lines match well with our other cats and we finally decided to pick her up in Poland.

When she came to our house she was good friends with Bijou from the beginning, she trusted him completely. In total Viviën has had two litters and she is now sterilized.

Pedigree Viviën


Viviën is a very reserved cat who is completely outdone by the other cats. Joy, in particular, made it difficult for her at times. We sometimes worried about that, but luckily Bijou was able to pull her through.

Bijou and Viviën were inseparable, he mated her unnoticed when she first came into heat. She was still a little too young but gave birth to five beautiful kittens, one of which was a male. We kept these together with a sister, Arnold as the new tomcat and Aukje as a female.

Since Bijou was a carrier of GSD-IV, all kittens were tested and Arnold and Aukje were not carriers of this gene. Viviën had a second litter with Apollo. Unfortunately, this did not go without a fight and a caesarean section eventually took place. Then the choice was made to have her sterilized right away.

Viviën in three words: