Norsk Glimre's Jersey Joy


Joy is the first female we have welcomed in our cattery. We were looking for a female for Bijou that matched his lines well. The goal was to find a beautiful tortoiseshell female, this is our favorite color scheme with the Norwegian. Because we had no experience ourselves and didn't know where to start, we contacted the breed club on the advice of the Bijou breeder.

An expert from the association sent us to Joy's breeder, she knew that a tortoiseshell female had happened to be born with her that would fit well with Bijou's lines. At the first meeting with Joy we immediately fell in love with her and that's why she joined our cattery after a few weeks.

Joy has had two litters with super cute kittens, she is really a super mother. Unfortunately she has always suffered from her heat, so we decided to have her sterilized after the second litter.

Pedigree Joy


Joy is a reserved but very confident cat. She is not very social but does have her preferences with whom she does and does not want to hang out with. She has been best friends with my daughter ever since she has been with us. I have never seen a cat that has such a strong bond with someone, they are soul mates. Because it soon became clear that Joy would go with my daughter when she left home, we chose to have a second litter with her. 

She is difficult to get along with other cats, so we wanted to have a son or daughter from her so they could go with my daughter. She now lives with her son Daryl Dixon and another cat in the house of my daughter and her boyfriend. She is completely at home there and enjoys all the attention she gets.

Joy in three words:



Super mom