Schwarzi's Daryl Dixon

4 juli 2017 

Daryl Dixon is Joy's son. Joy is very picky with other cats, so we kept one of her sons. They both went with my daughter when she left home. My daughter is a big fan of the series 'The Walking Dead', which is why the name Daryl Dixon (a character in the series) was there before the cat itself.

When Joy was pregnant, my daughter told her many times that one of the kittens has to be a brown male, because this is the most like Daryl Dixon from the series. Of course Joy listened to her and the first kitten that was born during the delivery was a brown male. Because it was already certain that he would go with my daughter, he was neutered early and has never mated a female.

Pedigree Daryl


Daryl is a very sweet male who is very affectionate. He listens well to his name, but also to all his other nicknames. His favorite nickname is 'Kitty', he probably listens to this even better than his own name.

Daryl loves to solve puzzles and do tricks, preferring to give high fives all day long and jump from the ground onto your shoulders. He is very vocal and likes to announce himself when he enters a room, he makes 'frrt' noises and comes running towards you. He loves to lie with you, but also likes a brushing session from time to time.

Daryl in three words: