Schwarzi's Bayke


Bayke is the daughter of Samira. At that time we didn't have a tomcat, so we looked for one. Bayke has been the first non-tortoiseshell female that we have welcomed in our cattery. Her appearance and markings have ensured that we wanted to keep her.

Like her mother, Bayke is very difficult to get pregnant. We managed to get her to carry one time. She only had one kitten and it took a caesarean section to bring it into the world. We chose to have her spayed at that time as well. Unfortunately, the kitten didn't make it and died at two weeks.

Pedigree Bayke


Bayke has exactly the same character as Samira. She is very independent but always up for a cuddle. She prefers to sit outside all day, she doesn't care if it's raining. In the summer she likes to lie in the sun.

Bayke gets along well with any cat and fits well in the group. She never causes problems and never does anything that is not allowed. She likes to hunt flies and likes to cuddle with you every now and then.

Bayke in three words: