Elvenstar's Artemis


It was not planned to buy another cat, but Artemis joined anyway. Initially Artemis would be sold to someone else, just before we would pick up her brother Apollo, these people canceled.

Since it was a litter of two, we thought it would be a good idea to pick up Artemis aswell. They would then have support from each other during the journey and the transition would be a bit easier for them. Retrieving these cats was quite an adventure, Artemis managed to escape on the plane and walk around the entire cabin. Artemis has never been mated and has been spayed.

Pedigree Artemis


Artemis is an insecure and reserved cat. She is very submissive to other cats but has a heart of gold. She is one of the sweetest cats we have ever seen and secretly loves to cuddle.

Her nickname is 'Theemuts', which is Dutch for ''Tea Cozy'. She listens to it just as much as her real name. She is not very playful but gets along well with certain cats.

Artemis in three words: