Schwarzi's Arnold

Arnold is the son of Bijou and Viviën, he is named after Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold has been tested and turned out not to be a carrier of GSD-IV, so we have kept him as Bijou's successor. Arnold's nickname is ''Piep'', because he barely meows and mostly beeps.. Arnold is a real cuddly bear and prefers to get attention all day long.

Unfortunately Arnold was never the tomcat we had hoped for. His too sweet nature made sure that no cat would accept him as a tomcat. Arnold became increasingly shy and fearful towards the other cats, for this reason we chosen to have him neutered. Unfortunately this did not help and he still had a very hard time. For this reason he no longer lives at home with us

Pedigree Arnold


Arnold has turned out to be a gentle tomcat. He doesn't have much masculinity, but he does have a lot of love that he likes to share with everyone.

A good friend of my daughter came to visit a kitten and immediately clicked with Arnold. The original idea was that she would pick a kitten, but got on too well with Arnold. He has been living with her since 2019 with her two other European Shorthairs.

He has completely relaxed there and is happily running through the house again. He prefers to bring sponge balls to you or he likes to sleep with you. Sleeping yourself is not an option, if Arnold is with you he wants your full attention and you should certainly not stop petting. If you do, he will squeak in the hope to get petted again.

Arnold in three words: