Arnold is the son of Bijou and Viviën, he is named after Arnold Schwarzenegger. Arnold has been tested and turned out not to be a carrier of GSD-IV, so we have kept him as Bijou's successor. Arnold's nickname is ''Piep'', because he barely meows and mostly beeps.. Arnold is a real cuddly bear and prefers to get attention all day long.

Unfortunately Arnold was never the tomcat we had hoped for. His too sweet nature made sure that no cat would accept him as a tomcat. Arnold became increasingly shy and fearful towards the other cats, for this reason we chosen to have him neutered. Unfortunately this did not help and he still had a very hard time. For this reason he no longer lives at home with us

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It was not planned to buy another cat, but Artemis joined anyway. Initially Artemis would be sold to someone else, just before we would pick up her brother Apollo, these people canceled.

Since it was a litter of two, we thought it would be a good idea to pick up Artemis aswell. They would then have support from each other during the journey and the transition would be a bit easier for them. Retrieving these cats was quite an adventure, Artemis managed to escape on the plane and walk around the entire cabin. Artemis has never been mated and has been spayed.

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Bayke is the daughter of Samira. At that time we didn't have a tomcat, so we looked for one. Bayke has been the first non-tortoiseshell female that we have welcomed in our cattery. Her appearance and markings have ensured that we wanted to keep her.

Like her mother, Bayke is very difficult to get pregnant. We managed to get her to carry one time. She only had one kitten and it took a caesarean section to bring it into the world. We chose to have her spayed at that time as well. Unfortunately, the kitten didn't make it and died at two weeks.

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Daryl Dixon is Joy's son. Joy is very picky with other cats, so we kept one of her sons. They both went with my daughter when she left home. My daughter is a big fan of the series 'The Walking Dead', which is why the name Daryl Dixon (a character in the series) was there before the cat itself.

When Joy was pregnant, my daughter told her many times that one of the kittens has to be a brown male, because this is the most like Daryl Dixon from the series. Of course Joy listened to her and the first kitten that was born during the delivery was a brown male. Because it was already certain that he would go with my daughter, he was neutered early and has never mated a female.

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Joy is the first female we have welcomed in our cattery. We were looking for a female for Bijou that matched his lines well. The goal was to find a beautiful tortoiseshell female, this is our favorite color scheme with the Norwegian. Because we had no experience ourselves and didn't know where to start, we contacted the breed club on the advice of the Bijou breeder.

An expert from the association sent us to Joy's breeder, she knew that a tortoiseshell female had happened to be born with her that would fit well with Bijou's lines. At the first meeting with Joy we immediately fell in love with her and that's why she joined our cattery after a few weeks.

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Silver is one of the colors that we as a cattery are very fond of. That is why it is not surprising that we immediately fell in love with Viviën when we saw a photo of her on Facebook. It was not planned at all to get another cat, but we couldn't forget her sweet and beautiful face. Her lines match well with our other cats and we finally decided to pick her up in Poland.

When she came to our house she was good friends with Bijou from the beginning, she trusted him completely. In total Viviën has had two litters and she is now sterilized.

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