Elvenstar's Apollo


Bijou and Arnold were both neutered, it was time for a new male. Our females are all on the small side so our preference was for a large male. After a long search they came across Apollo on Facebook. He was born in Greece with his sister Artemis.

After consultation, it was decided to pick him up from Greece together with his sister by plane. I flew to Greece with my daughter and we took both cats home with us.

Pedigree Apollo


Apollo is a very confident male, but he is not arrogant. He is a real friend to everyone and can therefore get along with everyone. It is a very large male with a beautiful marking.

Headbutting is something apollo likes to do, I'm not talking about sweet heads but really hard headbutts in your face. He likes to come get hugs and often lies next to you on the couch.

Apollo has been chemically neutered so that he can live in our house with the group. When the chemical castration has worn off, he gets the chance to mate with a female.

Apollo in three words:


Cuddle bear