Lover Casanova Norsk Bijou ✞

29-06-2012 - 11-08-2021

A search on the internet resulted in us meeting Bijou, he lived with a family in Belgium at the time and was a few months old. Bijou's sweet appearance made us decide to pick him up and once we got home we fell in love with him.

Bijou has been tested for diseases and was found to be a carrier of GSD-IV and has therefore been castrated. Unfortunately the result of GSD-IV came later than the other tests and in the meantime he has mated with Viviën, they have had five very nice kittens together. From this litter we kept Arnold and Aukje.

Unfortunately, Bijou developed chronic pancreatitis at a young age and was put to sleep in 2021. 

Pedigree Bijou


From the day Bijou came home to us he has always been very open and easy with everything. Because Bijou is so social, he welcomed every (new) animal with open arms and was there for everyone who needed him.

Bijou was a very sweet cat who was always up for a cuddle. He loved sleeping near you and could also be found cuddling with another cat on a regular basis. He grew up to be friends with everyone and is certainly missed by the other cats, but especially by my whole family.

Bijou in three words: