Samira De-La-Platiada


After we brought Joy into our house, we became very enthusiastic about the Norwegian forest cat. That is why I looked up a lot of information about the breed and about breeders. While looking for information I came across a German cattery and there I saw the most beautiful Norwegian forest cat ever, Nemesis De-La-Platiada. Her head and whole appearance is simply beautiful.

Coincidentally, at that time she had a litter of kittens with one tortoiseshell female of the same colors. I showed pictures of Nemesis and Samira to my husband and he immediately thought that we should get in touch about Samira. Unfortunately it turned out that she was already under option, but luckily for us those people eventually went for another cat.

Pedigree Samira


Samira is a very confident female who is very affectionate. She is clearly the leader of the group and everyone has a lot of respect for her. Her favorite hobby is fetching toys and returning them enthusiastically. It doesn't matter what toy it is, as long as she can hold it in her mouth. Samira has (still) only had one litter of kittens, of which two females were born. We hope to get her pregnant again, but this is going to be very difficult. She is also getting older and almost ready for retirement.

Samira in three words: