Schwarzi's Emily Prentiss

Emily is the newest female we have kept. She is a daughter of Vivien and Apollo. She is very small and hasn't had a litter yet. We would like to breed a litter with her if we can find a good male for her. Her name is inspired by the series Criminal Minds, a character in this series is called Emily Prentiss.

Pedigree Emily


It is very obvious that Emily is a daughter of Viviën and Apollo, her character has a lot in common with the both of them. She is submissive to other cats and very independent. She is friends with everyone and is good in the group. When Daryl still lived with us she was very fond of him, she followed him everywhere and always cuddled with him. Since he left, she is with everyone and has no preference anymore. She likes to sit outside in the run and occasionally comes in to get cuddles.

Emily in three words: