Onze poezen


Aukje is the daughter of Vivien and Bijou. Initially it was not the intention to keep this cat. My husband has been crazy about her from the beginning and they get along very well.

That is why she stayed at home with us. She hasn't been spayed yet, maybe she will have a litter in the future.

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Emily is the newest female we have kept. She is a daughter of Vivien and Apollo. She is very small and hasn't had a litter yet. We would like to breed a litter with her if we can find a good male for her. Her name is inspired by the series Criminal Minds, a character in this series is called Emily Prentiss.

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After we brought Joy into our house, we became very enthusiastic about the Norwegian forest cat. That is why I looked up a lot of information about the breed and about breeders. While looking for information I came across a German cattery and there I saw the most beautiful Norwegian forest cat ever, Nemesis De-La-Platiada. Her head and whole appearance is simply beautiful.

Coincidentally, at that time she had a litter of kittens with one tortoiseshell female of the same colors. I showed pictures of Nemesis and Samira to my husband and he immediately thought that we should get in touch about Samira. Unfortunately it turned out that she was already under option, but luckily for us those people eventually went for another cat.

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