Origin of the cattery

Norwegian Forest Cats Cattery Schwarzi's is a cattery located in Hengelo, The Netherlands. The adventure of this cattery started in 2012. Our first cat was a European Shorthair named Schwarzenegger, called Schwarzi. He has lived with us for 22 years. As a tribute to this amazing cat we named our cattery after him: Schwarzi's.

The loss of Schwarzenegger has led us to look for a new cat. At that time we still had a European Shorthair, a female called Mausy and two Leonbergers called Wieke and Nino.

We find the beautiful appearance of the Norwegian forest cat and Maine Coon very beautiful and that is why we went looking for a cat of one of these breeds. Soon we came across a young Maine Coon named Buddy, he is silver colored and has no papers. We were immediately sold because of his beautiful appearance, we were a bit disappointed when the breeder told us that he was already reserved. In good spirits we continued our search and came across Bijou, a young Norwegian with papers who at that time lived with a family in Belgium. He was about six months old and had a fantastic character. Fortunately for us, Bijou was not yet reserved and we were able to go pick him up.

The morning before departure to Belgium we received a call from Buddy's breeder, his reservation had been canceled and he was available again. Because our European Shorthair Mausy is not very playful and social, we decided to pick up both Bijou and Buddy. We were able to pick up Buddy in Limburg, that was on the route to Belgium. Fortunately, Bijou and Buddy got along well from the start and have always been best friends. Buddy was a little shy with the dogs, but Bijou was able to help him get over it.

Once at home we found out that Bijou originally came from a breeder from Bulgaria and we contacted this breeder. He persuaded us to go to a cat show with Bijou and to breed a litter. My daughter thought this was a great idea and wanted to do it. With only a male you can't breed a litter, so we went looking for a female. The first cat that we have welcomed in our cattery is Joy, more information about the search for Joy and the other cats can be read on the pages of the cats.

As a family, we all love the look and character of the Norwegian Forest Cat. Because we enjoy this so much, we would also like to pass this on to others, which is why every once in a while we have a litter.