Norwegian Forest Cat Cattery



Welcome to the website of Norwegian Forest Cats Cattery Schwarzi's. On this site you can find information about the breed, our cattery, our cats and planned litters. If you have any questions, you can contact us through the contact options.

The breed

The Norwegian Forest Cat is originally from Scandinavia. The Norwegian Forest Cat has been declared the official breed of Norway and is called Nork Skogkatt. In some areas of Norway and Sweden, these cats are still found in the wild. These wild cats hunt fish and rodents to survive. 

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Planned litters

At the moment we are not expecting any kittens and there are no litters planned

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About us

Norwegian Forest Cat Cattery Schwarzi's is a cattery located in Hengelo, The Netherlands. The adventure of this cattery started in 2012. Our first cat was named Schwarzenegger, called Schwarzi. He has lived with us for 22 years. As a tribute to this amazing cat we named our cattery after him: Schwarzi's.

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